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 See more at the touch of a button  See more at the touch of a button
Our range of computerized GoTo telescopes offer you just that! Easy-to-use and all come with additional accessories to make sure you get the best from your telescope - and all from your own back garden!
 Want to see the Planets?  Want to see the Planets?
If planetary observation is your thing then take a look at our range of ultra powerful Catadioptric telescopes.
 Telescope mountings  Telescope mountings
We have a large range of Alt-azimuth and equatorial mounts available for all sizes of telescopes from budding observers to expert astrophotographers we have the lot!
 Observatory dome  Observatory dome
Pulsar Observatories high quality glass fibre domes For extra comfort and convenience the Pulsar Observatories domes provide a high quality, practical housing for your telescope. Greatly improve your observing enjoyment.

Pulsar, UK's top selling observatories

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Rigel Pier for EQ6 (EQ6 pro etc)
Rigel Pier for EQ6 (EQ6 pro etc)